Introducing Chai Meets Biscuit | Ismaili Dating and Relationships App

When it comes to romance, finding an Ismaili partner can be daunting! That’s why we made Chai Meets Biscuit.  CMB for short.  CMB is a dating and relationships app that helps you find the right Ismaili match based on your unique preferences.  Ismailis often seek a partner who understands their background and shared values.  However, thisContinue reading “Introducing Chai Meets Biscuit | Ismaili Dating and Relationships App”

The modern Ismaili youth romantic Journey

Hi my name is Rahim.   I’m in my 30s and am happily married (to an Ismaili) for the past 1.5 years.  Sounds great right — The holy grail!  Trust me it was a long journey, and I’m here to tell you my story and why I think an app like Chai Meets Biscuit is soContinue reading “The modern Ismaili youth romantic Journey”

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